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IMPORT EXPORT Program Details Overview

Import Export Training Program is designed for students looking to enhance their knowledge in international business as well as working professionals and businessman who want to start their own export-import business on a very short scale and investment. This Practical Training program takes the students, working professionals and businessman’s through various areas of study to be a master of international business.

  • Any Individual Who Wants to be an Entrepreneur
  • 10+2 or Any Graduate (Optional)
  1. Introduction to Export-Import Business
  3. How to Start Your Company/ Registration Of firms
  4. How to get Import Export License and HS code
  5. How to Select the Name of your Company
  6. How to Find Buyers Part -1
  7. How to Find Buyers Part -2
  8. How to Get a Business Loan
  9. Types of Payment and Payment Guarantee in Export Business
  10. Export Incentives
  11. Exim bank
  12. Incoterms
  13. ECGC
  14. Foreign Trade Policy
  15. Export Promotion Zones(EPZ, EOUs, TPs, SEZ, etc)
  16. Market Entry Strategies for Export Business
  17. Foreign Exchange and Forward Contract
  18. Packaging, Labelling and Marking of Products
  19. Inspection of Exports
  20. Logistics and Shipping
  21. Marine Insurance
  22. Export-Import Duties
  23. Project Export and Export of Services
  24. Export-Import By Post Parcel
  25. Export Contract
  26. Import Management
  27. Import Planning
  28. Market Entry Strategies for Import Business
  29. Import Financing
  30. ISO Certification
  32. Risk Management in Export-Import Business
  33. Product Selection for Export Business
  34. Practical Selection for Import Business
  35. Practical Session -1
  36. Practical Session -2
  37. Appointment of Business Agents
  38. Professional Communication Skills
  39. Digital/Online Marketing
  40. Export Promotion Councils, Commodity Boards, Embassy, etc.
  41. Trade Disputes
  42. Export Pricing and Costing
  43. Step by step Process for Export of Goods by Sea
  44. Step by step Process for Export of Goods by Air
  45. Step by step Process for Import of Goods by Sea
  46. Step by step Process for Import of Goods by Air
  47. Export Documentation Part – A
  48. Export Documentation Part – B
  49. Import Documentation Part -A
  50. Import Documentation Part – B
  51. Feedback

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