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Do you want to create your own export company? This site will undoubtedly assist you in determining which things are profitable to export from India in order to earn significant foreign currency gains. Below is a list of the greatest products to export from India:

Best Products to Export from India to Dubai

Best Products to Export From India to Dubai

1. Products Derived From Petroleum

In the financial year 2019, the United Arab Emirates imported roughly 500 million dollars worth of petroleum products such as wax, charcoal, coal, and mineral products, Mineral Waxes, Mineral Fuels, and other similar products.

2. Nuts And Other Tasty Items

India sold roughly 890000 thousand dollars worth of citrus fruit peels, dry fruits, cereals, nuts, and other edible fruits to the United Arab Emirates in the fiscal year 2019. To send most of these items, you’ll need a Reefer container and an experienced shipping partner.

3. Electronic Products

India sold roughly 700 million dollars worth of boilers and machinery to the UAE last year, as well as 62 million dollars worth of other electronic items such as nuclear reactors, sound recorders, television images, and so on. Among other things, these export commodities from India to Dubai are in high demand.

4. Clothing

One of the greatest products to export from India to Dubai is sewn and unstitched garments. India, along with the United Arab Emirates, is regarded as the preeminent producer of garments and apparel for many countries. The UAE imported roughly 200000 thousand dollars worth of stitched products and 1600000 dollars worth of unstitched products in the previous year.

5. Textiles

More than 15% of total production is exported, totaling $120 billion, with the UAE taking the lion’s share. In the coming year, this figure is likely to rise to 25% or higher. The fact that there is a significant profit margin in both production and sales. Textiles made of silk and Khadi are in high demand.

6. Products That Are Both Organic and Inorganic

Do you have any idea? Organic and inorganic chemicals, organic and inorganic compounds, and other related items brought in more than $300,000 in revenue for India in the previous year.

7. Products You Can Use Every Day

In FY 2019, India exported roughly 170000 thousand dollars worth of everyday used products to the UAE, including Toiletry Preparations, Resinoids, Perfumery, Essential oils, and so on.

8. Products Made of Metal

What if I told you that India is one of the world’s leading suppliers of iron and steel, as well as a long-time partner of the UAE. The UAE imports around 800 million dollars worth of steel and iron products, as well as 500 million dollars worth of other goods. Help with logistics and finding a buyer Our experts will assist you through the process once you’ve registered your business with us.

9. Expensive stones

More than 12 billion dollars worth of valuable stones, natural or cultivated metals, stones, jewels, pearls, and other similar products were imported from India to the United Arab Emirates.

Aside from the items listed above, India exports pearls, jewellery, machinery, crops, and other items to Dubai. As the year progresses, the number of providers grows. By the end of 2025, both countries are predicted to enjoy a trade surplus of more than $120 billion. As a result, exploring the essential items at the greatest costs will be an ideal opportunity to trade with the UAE.

To compete in the global market, it is critical to select the correct product, bank, buyer, and logistics partner. Boxnbiz is a global logistics partner that assists exporters in shipping goods internationally at the lowest possible cost. If you need assistance with Exports, we’ll help you through the process.

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  1. I want carry seedlings of vegetables and flowers. Nursery ornamental plants and fruit plants to Dubai. Plz guide me how can I do it. Mahesh Purohit

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