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Indian enterprises that have excelled in international commerce and contributed significantly to the country’s foreign exchange revenues are known as export house certificate or export status holders. All exporters of goods, services, and technology who have an import-export code are granted export house status (IE Code). The recognition of an export house is dependent on the company’s export performance in each financial year (FOB / FOR value).

Export House Certificate
Obtaining a Certificate of Export House Status

An export house certificate can be obtained by an exporter who is involved in the export of goods or services. After achieving specific minimal export performance in the current and previous two financial years, an applicant would be qualified for and classified. The FOB (Free on Board) value of export earnings in free foreign exchange is used to calculate export performance. In the case of considered exports, it converts the FOR value of exports in Indian rupees to USD using the Central Board of Excise and Customs’ current exchange rate as of April 1st of each financial year.

Eligibility Criteria for Export House Status
  • The following status categories are assigned to exporters based on their export performance:
  • One-Star Export House: Export Performance of USD3 to USD25 Million
  • Two-Star Export House: Export Performance of USD25 to USD100 Million
  • Three-Star Export House: Export Performance of $100 Million to $500 Million
  • Export House with a Four-Star Rating: USD500 – USD2000 Million in Exports
  • Export Performance of USD2000 Million or More: Five Star Export House
  • Export performance for at least two out of three years is required to be granted export house status.
Eligibility for MSME Export House Status

The export performance of the following categories of exporters with an IE code is given double weightage in the computation of status. The following sorts of exporters, on the other hand, can claim double weightage in order to be classified as a one-star export firm. The regulations, like any other category, restrict double weighting for status recognition, notably two, three, four, and five-star export houses.

  • Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Businesses (MSME)
  • ISO or BIS-certified manufacturing facilities
  • North Eastern states, such as Sikkim and Jammu & Kashmir, have units.
  • Units in Agricultural Export Zones

The Requirements for Obtaining Export House Status

In addition to the foregoing, it does not allow the translation of one IE Code holder’s export performance into that of another IE Code holder. Exports made on a re-export basis, items exported under authorization, and SCOMET items will not be considered for export performance.

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